Ethical Issues in Blogging?

February 22, 2007

Who’s Responsible for us?

I am currently getting a B.S. in Business with an Emphasis in Marketing at Portland State University. One of the greatest things about PSU is its adjunct professor program. I am taking a full load this term and all of my teachers have real jobs in the field they teach. What this means is throwing out lame studies in the back of the books and doing cases that happened to the professor yesterday at their work. This is quite a refreshing take on learning, you never hear anyone saying “I’ll never use this!!”.

On to the meat. I am taking an ethics class this term and we had a discussion on advertising last night. Now I didnt think that this topic would include blogging, but Professor Enders brought up in her own way that people are now using the internet in interesting ways to do advertising – particularly blogging. Now this was almost talked about in passing, but it made me look around and see that no one else in the class had any idea what this meant. Never have I been so excited to be learning the world of SEO/SEM.

My question is – is blogging ruled by caveat emptor or caveat venditor? In other words, should any link or information contained in a blog (personal or directly from the company) be taken with a grain of salt? Or, do we as bloggers(especially for purposes of business) need to be responsible in how we go about and what information we put into the world via our blogs?

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Some help I have gotten so far….

February 1, 2007

This is a quick list of the sites that have helped me get started. These websites are all very helpful and most provide very effective tips, hints, and how-to’s.

This list from Lee Dodds is great for starters. has been very helpful with their tools and blogs.

Matt Cutts Blog has a lot of technical information that I am trying to wrap my brain around.

As well as Google themselves.

If anyone has any other great sites they think would be helpful, let me know!! Please!!


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Self Promotion

February 1, 2007

Feb 1, 2007

I am now somewhat obsessed with SEO/M (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing). It has started with working on my Moms business website – (and now and grown from there. There is such a huge amount of information out there, it is really hard to process it all. I wanted to submit her website to Google and hope to get her on the Top 20 or so of results. Unfortunately, the name of her company is far from unique – The Avery Group. So of course you search that and you can buy all sorts of labels, papers, etc. After a day of optimizing keywords and such for Avery Group, she made me realize that the brand of her company is not as strong or important as her name, Karen Peccia. I immediately hit myself in the head a understood immediately.

Being such a small business and having gained her success by her reputation, I should have made my decisions based on that to begin with. I have read more in the last week concerning this topic than I have for school, which is not good. Without that piece of paper from the University, me knowing this wont really help much!

I have now completely redesigned the website to have more relevant pages and more internal and external links (mostly outbound). I am having her consciously work on getting us some inbound links from her clients – supposedly this is very important.

By the way, Karen does Executive Level Searches for consumer product and high-tech companies in the Portland, OR area. If you ever want to provide business to her, it would help my bank account as well!!

If anyone who is more intelligent than me on this topic reads this, please check and let me know what you think. In addition to that, please drop any hints that helped you along the way!!

Thanks and good day

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